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CSHS Best Practice Guide for Occupational Health and Safety in Sustainability Reports

This guide provides occupational health and safety professionals with metrics and best practices in OHS sustainability reporting. Investors and other key stakeholders are demanding greater transparency in corporate reporting, presenting important implications for OHS performance reporting. It is with this end in mind that CSHS has launched an initiative to standardize OHS reporting that allows for comparison among organizations worldwide. Developed through global collaboration among the world's largest occupational health and safety professional bodies, these metrics are not radical, but are standards of performance which are already accepted, understood, and operationalized by those managing health and safety at work. They have a broader scope and wider applicability in assessing workplaces worldwide across all geographical boundaries.

The Accounting Revolution and the New Sustainability: Implications for the OSH Professional

This white paper provides an overview of emerging trends in sustainability and financial accounting practices that will have lasting ramifications for the occupational safety and health profession. With the increasing recognition that many non-financial topics such as OSH are integral to organizational performance, the OSH profession has an opportunity to partake in a dramatic transformation of the way that OSH is viewed and managed by organizations in the coming years. Designed as a primer for OSH professionals, this report provides a comprehensive analysis of current sustainability policies and practices and their implication for the management and oversight of OSH.

Current Practices in Occupational Health & Safety Sustainability Reporting

This research provides a “snapshot” of actual occupational health and safety (OHS) reporting by analyzing reports from organizations currently considered “sustainable.” The report presents an analysis of the extent to which organizations report OHS sustainability information – and whether that information provides insight into actual OHS performance. It also determines to degree to which information lends itself to being compared across organizations. Finally, the study aims to help the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) improve OHS indicators in future iterations of its sustainability reporting framework.


Sustainability in the Workplace: A New Approach for Advancing Worker Safety and Health

Part of its Sustainability in the Workplace initiative, OSHA is working with CSHS to advance the notion that sustainability includes workers. The white paper is part of OSHA's position that new strategies are needed to ensure that all workers return home safe, sound, and healthy from a day on the job. OSHA has undertaken this project as a way to assess the current sustainability landscape, understand how OSH is integrated into sustainability efforts, and identify opportunities to leverage the sustainability movement to promote worker safety and health. OSHA recognizes that CSHS metrics and best practices are valuable tools for organizations to use as they pursue their OSH sustainability journey.