Advancing the safety, health and sustainability of the global workplace.

About Us

Why a Center?

Officially launched in June 2011, the Center was created in response to the recognition that organizations are increasingly adopting the "triple bottom line" or social, economic, and environmental approach to taking responsibility for sustainability. Unfortunately, when an organization considers the "social" aspect of sustainability, occupational safety and health receives very little attention, if any at all.

The case for safety and health as an integral part of sustainability is compelling. Every year more than 2 million people die from occupational accidents or work-related diseases, and there are several million more cases of non-fatal occupational accidents and diseases.

The Center for Safety and Health Sustainability was developed in response, and will provide safety and health professionals with a stronger voice in shaping sustainability policies - both in business and in public policy.

The Center’s primary goal is to develop and define safety and health as a vital part of sustainability, in order to contribute to the ultimate goal of improving the safety and health of workers worldwide. It will provide new insights into the measurement, management, and impact of safety and health sustainability. The goal is for the Center to become a recognized thought leader for sustainability and corporate social responsibility as it educates the business community on the importance of safety in good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.